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Vertiv NetSure 9000 Series

Formerly Emerson NetSure 9000 Series

Vertiv NetSure 9000 SeriesThe Vertiv NetSure 9000 is a 400V DC power systems for core telecom, data centers and microgrid applications. Whether you are trying to contain expanding costs, increase energy efficiency, streamline power distribution, or manage an increasing mix of telecom and IT equipment, 400V DC power technology can enable meeting your site goals. This technology combines the proven benefits of 48V DC power – modularity, scalability, ease of integration – with the cable and installation savings benefit of higher voltage distribution.

400V DC power is designed to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reliability. Based on a flexible architecture, 400V DC power can be implemented at a wide variety of different telecom and data centers sites. Whether your site equipment powering needs include 400V DC, 48V DC, or AC power – or a combination of all three – 400V DC can be the backbone infrastructure of a cost effective and efficient site design.

Vertiv NetSure 9000 Benefits

  • Significantly reduce cabling and installation costs by distributing power at 400V DC as compared to 48V DC
  • Free up floor space by simplifying distribution cabling and consolidating site back up on single power bus
  • Minimize CapEx by building out power capacity in a scalable fashion to match your site power needs
  • Multiple distribution options for local or remote load connections

Vertiv NetSure 9000 Features

  • Scalable in 15kW increments; field expandable
  • 97% power conversion efficiency with full galvanic isolation
  • Global 3 phase nominal AC input
  • Multiple distribution options
  • UL 60950-1 Listed (US & Canada), CE Marked

Vertiv NetSure 9000 Specifications

Models Power Capacity Output Voltage, Nominal Input Voltage, Nominal Height Width Depth
NetSure 9500 DC Power  120 kW 400 VDC 380 VAC to 480 VAC; 3 phase, 4 wire 42 RU (79″) 24″ 43.3″

For more in-depth technical specifications, see the NetSure 9000 data sheet.

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