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EcoStruxure IT From Schneider Electric

EcoStruxure IT From Schneider ElectricEcoStruxure IT is a cloud-based Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software platform that offers insight into the status of your data center, network closets and branch IT infrastructure. Because it is cloud-based, EcoStruxure offers much more than a traditional DCIM.

EcoStruxure IT is included in some Schneider Electric service plans. To get more information or log-in, see the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure IT page.

What is the difference between EcoStruxure IT and StruxureWare?

In simple terms, EcoStruxure is cloud-based while StruxureWare is an on-premise DCIM confined to the local network. The cloud enables advanced features and benefits that aren’t available with on-premise DCIM.

  • EcoStruxure is easy to access.  Instead of being confined to the local network, EcoStruxure is cloud-based. Alarm data and notifications are pushed to the secure Schneider Electric Data Lake in the cloud. Here, they can be accessed from any connected device or smart phone giving you the flexibility to monitor your IT infrastructure from anywhere. With on-premise DCIM, remote access is through a VPN.
  • EcoStruxure is intelligent.  Through the collection of device data from connected IT infrastructure equipment installed worldwide, Schneider Electric is able to run predictive analytics and send recommendations for pro-active service, and or modernization, based on the performance of the same equipment in similar applications. This data-driven intelligence helps users properly maintain their equipment and prevent downtime. On-premise DCIM that is limited to a local network does not have access to the same collective intelligence.
  • EcoStruxure is enhanced factory support.  EcoStruxure IT Asset Advisor comes with 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting by a Schneider Electric Service Bureau. Your on duty personnel have access to Schneider Electric support through phone and chat via the app. Because they are connected via EcoStruxure IT, the Schneider Electric Service Bureau can view and help manage alarms in real time.  On-premise DCIM does not connect to a Schneider Electric Service Bureau so alarm notifications are limited to the staff hierarchy programmed into the software.
  • EcoStructure is flexible.  The EcoStruxure IT Expert app is robust, giving you the flexibility to change the personnel on duty, take yourself or someone else temporarily off-duty, and respond to incidents with just a few clicks on your smart phone.  Device alarms are combined into a single incident to prevent an alarm storm. When used with EcoStructure IT Asset Advisor, the app also serves as a direct connection to Schneider Electric technical support. On-premise DCIM offers do not include a smart phone app.

In addition to traditional DCIM features, EcoStructure IT offers the flexibility of a cloud-based application, so receiving and managing alarms from any smart device is simple. Using the equipment data available in the Schneider Electric Data Lake, EcoStruxure uses predictive analytics to help foresee problems before they occur. Finally, with EcoStructure IT Asset Advisor, 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting support are available from Schneider Electric.  EcoStruxure takes more of a service-oriented approach to DCIM delivering actionable information in a way that’s convenient for users, making it more Datacenter Management as a Service (DMaaS) than a traditional on-premise DCIM.

EcoStruxure IT Subscription Options

EcoStruxure IT Expert gives visibility into the details of all connected devices such as input/output power, balance, and runtime through any smart phone or connected device. Data from UPS, cooling systems and other data center infrastructure equipment is stored in the EcoStruxure data lake.  The analytics of the collective data in the cloud allow you to make intelligent decisions based on the performance, efficiency and health of your equipment. EcoStruxure Expert groups alarms into incidents, so you will not experience an alarm storm. If a temperature threshold is violated, or a device experiences constant flickering around the set threshold, IT Expert will send the initial alarm, but then will group all following alarms into one, along with a recommendation on what actions to take.

EcoStruxure IT Asset Advisor is an additional module available with EcoStruxure IT Expert that provides your IT infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting by personnel in a Schneider Electric Service Bureau. Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified, and resolved quickly and accurately with onsite support dispatch if required. You can set on or off duty status, to avoid getting called by the Schneider Electric Service Bureau when you don’t want to be disturbed, and you can set the on-call contact. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor compiles incident tracking and monthly reports that provide insight into connected devices, in addition to recommendations on how to improve device utilization and lifecycle. A subscription to EcoStruxure IT Expert is required with EcoStruxure IT Asset Advisor.

EcoStruxure IT Services – If you’re not sure where to start, we can help. Additional services are available to assist in gathering asset data to identify which devices to connect, configuration and initial set-up assistance, and continuing technical support for the EcoStruxure gateway and smartphone app.

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