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NetShelter SX Cable Management

Organize large volumes of cables from networking switches and patch panels

Space for cable routing is one of the largest problems customers encounter when installing their equipment. APC offers various cable management products to facilitate cable management in the front and rear of the enclosures. These products are designed for a variety of applications.

Read the NetShelter SX Cable Management Guidelines Here

Vertical Cable Management

  • NetShelter SX Vertical Cable Management CloseupAR7580 – Vertical Cable Manager for NetShelter SX 750mm wide
    • Fits all 750mm wide enclosures
    • Capacity 250 Cat6, 190 Cat6a (.25” – .30” dia) per channel section
    • Mount up to 4 per enclosure
    • 6” durable fingers at 1U increments
    • Cable retainers standard
    • Full covers available
  • AR7581 – Hinged Covers for NetShelter SX 750mm Wide Vertical Cable Manager
    • Covers conceal all vertical cable routing
    • Covers open left and right
    • Snap hinges provide trouble free access to cables
  • AR7582 – Replacement Cable Retainers
    • Qty. 6 cable retainers with snap hinges

Horizontal Cable Management

  • NetShelter SX Horizontal Cable Management CloseupAR8602 – Horizontal Cable Manager, 1U Single Side with Cover
    • Includes covers with snap hinges for trouble-free access to cables
  • AR8600 – Horizontal Cable Manager, 2U Single Side with Cover
    • Includes covers with snap hinges for trouble-free access to cables
  • AR8601 – Horizontal Cable Manager, 2U Double Side with Cover
    • Includes covers with snap hinges for trouble-free access to cables

Open Frame Vertical Cable Management

  • NetShelter SX of Vertical Cable Management CloseupVertical Cable Managers
    • Fits two and four post open frame racks
    • Double-sided cable channels
    • Dual hinge, snap on covers included
    • Smooth radius fingers at 1U increments for superior cable protection
    • Toolless mounting provided on back panel for new fiber spools and hook and loop fasteners
  • AR8650 – Vertical Cable Managers – 6” Wide
    • Cable capacity, front – 370 Cat6, 270 Cat6a
    • Cable capacity, rear – 510 Cat6, 380 Cat6a
  • AR8651 – Vertical Cable Managers – 12” Wide
    • Cable capacity, front – 740 Cat6, 55 Cat6a
    • Cable capacity, rear – 1030 Cat6, 760 Cat6a
  • AR8621 – Toolless Hook and Loop Cable Managers
    • Toolless for organizing data cable bundles
    • Various mounting positions on back panel of vertical cable managers

NetShelter SX Cable Management

Documentation: NetShelter SX Cable Management Brochure

  • NetShelter SX LineRear Zero U Vertical Cable Managers
    • Support 35 to 55 Cat6/ Cat6a data cables
    • Mount toollessly on the rear cable organizer
  • AR8442 – Vertical Cable Organizer, 8 Cable rings, Zero U
  • AR7710 – Cable Containment Brackets with PDU Mounting
    • Low profile vertical cable management
    • Support 60 to 90 Cat6/Cat6a data cables
    • Mount toollessly on the rear cable organizer

Horizontal Cable Organizers

  • AR8425A – 1U Horizontal Cable Manager
  • AR8426A – 2U Horizontal Cable Manager
  • AR8428 – Horizontal Cable Organizer 2U with pass through holes
  • AR8427 – Horizontal Cable Organizer 2U with cable fingers
  • AR7305 – NetShelter SX 42U Pass Through Side Panels
    • Allows pass through to adjacent racks
    • Holes contain brushes to control airflow
    • Includes two panels

Vertical Fiber Organizer

  • AR8443A – Vertical Fiber Organizer
    • Manage fiber within a NetShelter SX enclosure
    • Promote proper bend radius of the fiber
    • Mitigate any kinking or damaging of the cable
    • Includes two organizers and four spools
  • AR8444 – Spools for Vertical Fiber Organizer
    • Four plastic spools for fiber management
    • Toollessly mount to the narrow vertical cable organizer (AR7511)
    • Attach with screws to the mounting rails of 750mm wide enclosures

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