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APC SmartBunker Data Center Solutions

The APC SmartBunker by Schneider Electric is a fast-to-deploy, secure, standardized and cost effective, complete IT infrastructure within a stand-alone, secure enclosure for protection of critical business applications.  It includes, power distribution, UPS, batteries, environmental monitoring, with options for active cooling, fire suppression, or fire-rated panels. Integration and standardization of power distribution, cooling, racks, security, fire suppression and a best in class DCIM system dramatically reduces deployment time and complexity, while ensuring full functionality of the data center. The SmartBunker starts with an APC NetShelter and then is customized to your requirements. The SmartBunker is an ideal solution for edge applications in office and industrial environments. Micro Data Centers often leverage existing facility capacity; this leads to significant cost savings versus designing and building new data center space and infrastructure. All models are available with multiple details and options to be customize for the needs of your facility.

SmartBunker Models:

  • SmartBunker SX – entry level, prefabricated – for indoor applications
  • SmartBunker CX – sound proofed, prefabricated – indoor applications
  • SmartBunker FX – ruggedized, sound proofed prefabricated – for industrial and/or more rugged applications

SmartBunker Options

  • Cable Management
  • Active and passive airflow management
  • Longer run times
  • Remote management
  • Anti-Seismic option
  • Fire suppression
  • Electronic and biometric locking
  • Surveillance cameras
  • NetBotz monitoring

For more detailed specifications read the data sheet.

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