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EcoStruxure C-Series Micro Data Center

EcoStruxure C-Series Micro Data CenterThe EcoStruxure C-Series Micro Data Center is designed for office and commercial applications such as, retail, education, or healthcare facilities. The C-Series includes the same capabilities as S-Series with additional features such as fan ventilation, air filtration, and soundproofing that work well in shared spaces not dedicated to IT.

EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers are preassembled, pre-tested, enclosed rack systems with all the components needed to run an edge site, including power distribution units, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), cooling (when needed), security as well as management software and services. Micro data centers offer standardization with pre-integrated standard designs that can be replicated across highly distributed areas. The offer physical security through the use of security cameras, environmental sensors, and access controls issue alerts to prevent malfunctions and provide visibility to potential security breaches. And Micro Data Centers provide management with open, vendor-agnostic software & services that provide the visibility, insights and on/offsite support that make it easy to operate sites around the world.

EcoStruxure C-Series Micro Data Center Specifications

Low profile wall mount Mini soundproof Small soundproof Medium soundproof Large soundproof
Size (inches) 26H x 14W x 39D 29H x 28W x 38D 40H x 30W x 45D 51H x 30W x 45D 77H x 33W x 45D
Total rack space 6U 12U 18U 24U 38U
Available rack U space 4U 8U 14U 19U 34U
Maximum IT load 1.5kW 600W 1kW 2.2kW 3.6kW
UPS capacity 1.5kVA 1kvA 1.5kVA 3kVA 5kVA
UPS runtime 5 min 8 min 6 min 7 min 5.5 min
Power input 120V, 230V 120V, 230V 120V, 230V 120V, 230V 208V, 230V
Cooling capacity 1.5kW 800W 1.2kW 2.4kW 3.6kW
Cooling type Integrated fans Integrated fans Integrated fans Integrated fans Integrated fans
Security options Standard lock, Camera monitoring Standard lock, Camera monitoring Standard lock, Keycard access, Camera monitoring
Environmental sensing options Temp/humidity, spot water, rope leak, intrusion detection, smoke, vibration
Remote monitoring EcoStruxure IT remote monitoring (phone app, web)

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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