Can a Prefabricated Data Center Module be the Answer to Your IT Expansion?

Industry Trends | Can a Prefabricated Data Center Module be the Answer to Your IT Expansion?

The Prefabricated Data Center Module seems to be the hot new trend for creating a state-of-the-art data center for companies needing big IT. But what exactly are these containers? Prefabricated data centers are a complete data center in a box. These prefabricated modules are available in varying sizes and are the perfect solution for small, mid-sized or large data centers that have outgrown their current space.

If your facility functions out of an older building and you simply have nowhere to put the new equipment that you need to expand your IT department, a prefabricated IT module can provide a quick deployment and a customized solution without the mess, downtime and disruption of a stick-build. Just clear a little space next to your building and your module will be delivered ready to be plugged in and go.

Each IT module is engineered based on the needs of your facility. It is assembled and tested as a complete sub-system in a manufacturing and controlled environment and then deployed to the installation site. The result is a state-of-the-art, tightly integrated facility that can be deployed faster and at a lower cost than a similar facility using traditional construction practices. And IT modules are flexible. When you need additional capacity, new modules can be added with minimal engineering and internal components can be switched quickly.

Schneider Electric’s line of SmartShelter modules for IT are designed and built in weeks versus the months it takes to build an addition to your facility with a deployment speed of up to 60 percent faster than a traditional deployment. With a range of sizes and applications, the ModuleContainer and Data Hall, Schneider Electric Prefabricated data centers, are the right solution when you need more square footage, more capacity or more security. They are purpose-built, secure, weather-proof, and fire-rated, and offer the maximum level of features and performance.


Benefits of SmartShelter Prefabricated Data Center Module for IT

  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Flexibility to change data center growth as needs change
  • Provide physical security to critical data
  • Realize revenue or production sooner by deploying quickly anywhere
  • Deploy in remote areas with limited construction support
  • Re-purpose valuable space for core business

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