Cost Savings and Efficiency for DC Power with GE OneStep Edge Cabinet and GP100 Rectifier

Industry Trends | Cost Savings and Efficiency for DC Power with GE OneStep Edge Cabinet and GP100 Rectifier

Efficiency for DC PowerEfficiency for DC Power is front of mind as data centers in the United States consumed an estimated 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity in 2013, according to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), and are on target to reach 140 billion kilowatt-hours by 2020. Using today’s energy prices, that could be $15 billion in electricity. To remain competitive, data centers must optimize energy usage and be as efficient as possible.

Efficiency for DC Power with the GE OneStep Edge Cabinet and GP 100 Rectifier 

  • More density
  • More power
  • More efficiency
  • Less energy loss
  • Less cable
  • Less heat
  • Less environmental impact
  • Less time lost to maintenance

The OneStep Edge delivers efficiency for DC power and all these benefits by installing the PDU on the left side of the cabinet and completely removing power supplies from the equipment rack space giving you 42RU of usable space. The OneStep Edge accepts 480V 3Phase and distributes it down the rack to up to eight rectifiers, which are hot-swap pluggable directly into the PDU. In addition, the OneStep Edge brings the user interface for power to the front of the cabinet, so rather than sending your valuable employees to the hot aisle, they’ll be able to swap out power supplies, tool-free, from the cool aisle. UPS maintenance just got significantly less expensive and more efficient.

To increase the usage of real estate in the racks, the back of the cabinet can be used for up to five GP100 rectifiers on the outside, which can be directly integrated into the available slots on the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) allowing employees to have a manageable and tidy work area.

Getting power from the grid into the data center, carrying power to transformers, and sending power to the racks requires an incredible amount of cable. And, while it’s on its journey through all that low-efficiency cable, the energy you’re paying for is seeping out and being lost in conversion. With OneStep Edge, the amount of cable required to power your data center is drastically reduced. With your PDU located right next to your load- bearing equipment, we’re talking about inches of cable, rather than yards. And since that energy’s no longer leaking out as it makes its way to your servers, there’s less heat generated, so there’s 3-5% less cooling required.

The GP-100 3-phase rectifier provides a hands-off solution to phase balancing. A true breakthrough in the power supply game, the 3-phase, 1RU GP100 is the smallest 3-phase, 6kW rectifier available and significantly reduces the amount of rack space chewed up by power supplies.

Increasing your server capacity without expanding your footprint means that rack density is a priority. Installed side by side, the GP100 packs 12kW of power in 1RU— the highest power-to-size conversion technology ever developed for 19” rack mount applications. While it’s a certainly an improvement to have a UPS that requires 75% less rack space, it’s still true that every RU lost to power supplies translates into decreased revenue.

And for data centers that have a preferred supplier or large installed base, we have great news. The OneStep Edge can be installed in other vendors’ cabinets, adding just 5” to the cabinet width. By filling OneStep Edge with up to eight of our 1 RU GP100 rectifiers, you’ll be making efficient use of your space by releasing every RU to load equipment. Or, if you’re partial to your current UPS, OneStep Edge will power those, too—right where they sit in your racks.

The GE OneStep Edge with GP100 is engineered to last 10 years, so although your servers will likely need to be replaced every two or three years, the power supplies won’t. Plus, the OneStep Edge monitors its own health, storing the information where engineers can access it remotely or in person. That eliminates the guesswork when it comes to power supply shelf-life, ensuring that data centers don’t waste capital by prematurely replacing equipment.

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