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Series 800A Commercial Power Purifier

Series 800A Commercial Power PurifierSeries 800A Commercial Power Purifier, 1kVA – 15kVA, by Controlled Power Company, is a self-regulating constant voltage transformer. It provides isolation and protects against fluctuating voltage, brownouts, line noise and short duration power outages. Because of the Commercial Power Purifier’s power conditioning properties, it also attenuates voltage spikes and provides a unique power “ride through” capability. With loss of input power for up to one cycle, the output sine wave remains at usable AC voltage levels! The Commercial Power Purifier is provided in a NEMA1 enclosure and is ideal for power quality problems found in commercial facilities.

Series 800A Commercial Power Purifier Features

  • State-of-the-art constant voltage transformer protects sensitive electronic equipment against all power line disturbances, line noise, and transients
  • Provides “ride-through” capability for up to (1) full cycle
  • Acts as a large filter to reduce reflected harmonics
  • Solves most power related problems, thereby protecting and enhancing the performance of critical equipment
  • Variable Range Regulation (VRR) – Input operating voltage range increases as an inverse function of load
  • Tight output voltage regulation
  • Standard input plug with 8 ft. line cord on models up to 3.5kVA
  • Standard (4) 5-20R or 5-15R output receptacles on models up to 3.5kVA; optional receptacles on models from 3.5kVA to 15kVA
  • Hospital-grade 15 amp or 20 amp input plug and output receptacles are available upon request

Single Phase Sizes: 1.0kVA, 1.6kVA, 2.1kVA, 2.5kVA, 3.5kVA, 5.0kVA, 7.5kVA, 10kVA, 15kVA

Series 800A Commercial Power Purifier Specifications

  • Input Operating Voltage Range: +10%, -20% at full load; down to -40% from nominal at 50% load
  • Output Voltage Regulation: ± 3% from nominal
  • Load Regulation: 3-4% from 0% to 100% load
  • Input Current THD: <5%
  • Common Mode Noise Attenuation: 140dB
  • Transverse Mode Noise Attenuation: 120dB
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • Efficiency: 90% typical
  • Leakage current to ground: Less than or equal to 20 microamps (1 kVA – 3.5 kVA)
  • Safety Listing: UL 1012

For more in-depth information, see the data sheet.

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