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ABB GE Critical Power Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power Busway

ABB GE Critical Power Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power BuswaySpecifically designed for the mission critical power market, the ABB GE Critical Power Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power Busway is a rugged yet flexible, easy to install, highly efficient, modular busway for the safe and reliable distribution of power. The Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System incorporates several design features including integrated communications capability, new and improved coupler and robust busrails.

With many years serving data and processing centers as well as banking and industrial markets, ABB has gained an unmatched level of expertise in developing reliable products for critical power facilities. From preliminary concept to final installation, ABB critical application solutions simplify system installation, improve flexibility and increase operational efficiencies.

Note: GE Critical Power is now part of ABB

ABB GE Critical Power Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power Busway Benefits

Server loads can be plugged in almost anywhere along the busway. Through Tap-Off Boxes, the exact circuit breaker capacity and cable or receptacle type can be specified at any location along the Busrail, simply by plugging the correct Tap-Off Box into the Busrail. Tap-Off Boxes are highly configurable to meet load demands and specific requirements including our Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS). Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System leads the industry with a keep-out area ranging from zero to a maximum 3.75 inches (9.53cm) for 250A and 400A and 4 inches (10.16cm) to 9 inches (22.86cm) for 800A at each joint along the Busrail.

The continuous rail design allows circuits to be added and changed as needed without extensive electrical work. The unique Coupler enables Busrails to be assembled and then dis-assembled to support easy reconfiguration options.

Overhead power distribution effectively maximizes the use of space and increases traceability of circuits.

Electrical Robustness
In order to run and manage ultra efficient data centers you need busway engineered with mission critical facilities in mind. That’s why the Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System is tested and qualified for 60 degree C ambient environments (250A & 400A).

Structural Robustness
Designed with ABB’s unique Coupler Technology as well as the robust Busrails, the Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System consistently passes load capacity tests of up to 200 percent of its maximum rating.

Environmental Friendliness
The Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System is made of 99 percent recyclable components.

The components of the Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System are flame-retardant and comply with all industry standards to eliminate toxicity in case of a fire.

Integrated Communications Capabilities
Optional Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) integration enables advanced power monitoring without additional footprint. Multiple local display options include BCMS Hub and 7-inch Local Display. BCMS can also integrate into Building Management Systems (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems through MODBUS®.

Disruption-Free Upgrades and Additions
The Series DPB Gen 2 Bus System allows for equipment upgrades and additions on live systems.

Energy Efficiency
The open channel bus design eliminates energy-wasting hot spots commonly found in electrical cable congestion points. It reduces resistance and minimizes voltage drops as well as power losses, which in turn decrease heat generation.

ABB GE Critical Power Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power Busway Gen 2 Features

  • 20-30% less expensive than traditional cable/conduit installs
  • Finger-safe, indoor rated bus system
  • Multiple Rail lengths: 3, 5, 6, 10, 12 feet
  • 99% Recyclable
  • UL/ETL/CE/IEC approved & certified
  • Interchangeable Tap-Off Boxes, 160-400 Amp
  • End Feed/Bus Rail Monitoring, BCM Basic or Plus (optional)
  • Near-wall mounting okay, due to straight-up Tap-Box install
  • Flexible configuration via use of Elbows, Tees, & Cross units
  • Options: 150% Neutral ; 100% Rated Isol Ground

Zenith Series DPB Distributed Power Busway Gen 2 Electrical Specs

  • Bus Ratings (Amps): 160/225/250, 400, 800
  • Voltage: 120 thru 600VAC, 3ph
  • 3w or 4w, 100% Neutral
  • Frequency: 60 or 50 Hz
  • Short Circuit Capacity: 22KAIC @ 600VAC 35KAIC @ 480VAC 42KAIC @ 208VAC
  • Copper bus bars
  • Class H (220) insulation
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