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Eaton Managed ePDU

The Eaton Managed ePDU allows you to monitor and control critical factors such as voltage, current and power factor. This level of information allows you to make the right decision when it comes to energy consumption in your data center. You can also control the power at the individual outlet level, switching it on, off or rebooting it. Integrated with Eaton’s management software, you can control these units from any computer on the network server. The new advanced LCD display provides outlet and section current information, voltage add kilowatt-hour readings, all at a single glance.

Eaton Managed ePDU Features

  • Monitor and control power consumption at the outlet level, including on, off and reboot
  • Advanced LCD display offers easy user-interface and vast power information
  • Single-phase and three-phase configurations provide solutions for SMB and networking closets, large data centers and blade server applications
  • Power Usage Effectiveness Level 3 rating determines high energy efficiency
  • Environmental monitoring probe tracks internal and external temperatures, giving you key information to help reduce cooling costs – needs to be ordered separately
  • Cisco EnergyWise Certified – Eaton’s new ePDUs are Cisco EnergyWise Certified

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Popular Models Include:

eMA012 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 3.3kW, L6-20P input, (20) C13, (4) C19 output
eMA006 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5.8kW, L21-20P input, (21) C13, (3) C19 output
eMA010 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5.8kW, L6-30P input, (2) 20A breakers, (20) C13, (3) C19 output
eMA011 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 8.6kW, L21-30P input,(3) 20A breakers, (21) C13, (3) C19 output
eMA013 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 11.5kW, IEC 309-516P6W input, (12) C13, (12) C19 output
eMA007 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 12.6kW, CS8365 input, (3) 20A breakers, (21) C13, (3) C19 output
eMA009 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 17.3kW, IEC 309-460P9W input, (6) 20A breakers, (12) C13, (12) C19 output
eMA014 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 17.3kW, IEC 309-532P6W input, (6) 20A breakers, (12) C13, (12) C19 output

For more information about Eaton Managed ePDU,
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