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Eaton Monitored ePDU

Remotely monitor the current draw of the unit and individual sections

Eaton Monitored ePDUThe Eaton Monitored ePDU provides remote monitoring of the current draw of individual sections via Ethernet or serial communication. This capability, combined with state-of-the-art software allows you to aggregate the information from hundreds of ePDUs in one location. All Monitored ePDUs also include the Easy-Read digital LED ammeter for easy start-up and provisioning of servers.

Eaton Monitored ePDU Features

  • High density units support up to 25 1U/2U servers or three blade server chassis
  • Easy read digital ammeter reduces local monitoring time
  • Clearly labeled circuits simplify load balancing
  • Reading available via Ethernet connection over a network
  • UL Listed (UL489) branch circuit breakers meet UL60950-1 Edition requirements

For more in-depth specifications, see the following documents:

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Eaton User’s Guide for Basic, Monitored, and Switched ePDU

Popular Models Include:

PW101MI1U221 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, 5-15P input, (12) 5-15R output
PW101MI0U233 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5-15P input, (24) 5-15R output
PW102MI0U234 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5-20P input, (24) 5-20R output
PW102MI1U160 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L5-20P input, (12) 5-20R output
PW102MI0U235 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, L5-20P input, (24) 5-20R output
PW103MI1U161 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L5-30P input, (12) 5-20R output
PW103MI1U162 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L6-20P input, (12) C13 output
PW103MI0U236 – Vertical enclosure,  Zero U, L5-30P input, (24) 5-15R output
PW103MI0U238 – Vertical enclosure,  Zero U, L6-20P input, (24) C13, (4) C19 output
PW105MI1U164 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L6-30P input, (12) C13 output
PW105MI0U255 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, L14-30P input, (4) 5-20R, (24) C13, (4) C19

For more information about the Eaton Monitored ePDU,
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