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Eaton Monitored ePDUThe Eaton Monitored ePDU provides remote monitoring of the current draw of individual sections via Ethernet or serial communication. This capability, combined with state-of-the-art software allows you to aggregate the information from hundreds of ePDUs in one location. All Monitored ePDUs also include the Easy-Read digital LED ammeter for easy start-up and provisioning of servers.

Eaton Monitored ePDU Features

  • High density units support up to 25 1U/2U servers or three blade server chassis
  • Easy read digital ammeter reduces local monitoring time
  • Clearly labeled circuits simplify load balancing
  • Reading available via Ethernet connection over a network
  • UL Listed (UL489) branch circuit breakers meet UL60950-1 Edition requirements

For more in-depth specifications, see the following documents:

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Popular Models Include:

PW101MI1U221 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, 5-15P input, (12) 5-15R output
PW101MI0U233 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5-15P input, (24) 5-15R output
PW102MI0U234 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, 5-20P input, (24) 5-20R output
PW102MI1U160 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L5-20P input, (12) 5-20R output
PW102MI0U235 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, L5-20P input, (24) 5-20R output
PW103MI1U161 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L5-30P input, (12) 5-20R output
PW103MI1U162 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L6-20P input, (12) C13 output
PW103MI0U236 – Vertical enclosure,  Zero U, L5-30P input, (24) 5-15R output
PW103MI0U238 – Vertical enclosure,  Zero U, L6-20P input, (24) C13, (4) C19 output
PW105MI1U164 – Horizontal enclosure, 1U, L6-30P input, (12) C13 output
PW105MI0U255 – Vertical enclosure, Zero U, L14-30P input, (4) 5-20R, (24) C13, (4) C19

For more information about Eaton Monitored ePDUs,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].