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E+I Powerbar BuswayE+I Engineering is a leading provider of electrical switchgear and power distribution systems, offering unique in-house integrated power solutions tailored specifically to their client’s requirements. The E+I Powerbar Busway offers a totally integrated solution for larger power distribution and is designed to distribute power throughout buildings.

E+I Powerbar Busway Benefits

Optimize Space – Overhead busbar systems, eliminate the need for remote power panels, resulting in more usable space for server racks. Tap off boxes can be placed at any point along the busbar therefore eliminating miles of power whips. Open channel busbar requires less equipment in the white space, therefore creating more functional space for IT equipment.

Scalability – Due to the continuous cycle of change experienced by data centers, electrical designs become outdated very quickly. Scalability is vital for data centers to adapt and expand easily when required. Open channel busbar systems allow power supplies to be easily added at a new location without any need to schedule in shut down of the systems. This offers a sustainable solution for data centers that require adaptability.

Improved Cooling – Traditionally, increasing power densities has required more underfloor power cables which further obstruct airflow and therefore requires increased cooling measures. By contrast, open channel busbar systems require less cooling in the white space due to overhead installation.

Monitored Power Usage – By monitoring your data center’s power usage, you will be aware what changes are necessary to make improvements. Busbar systems feature inbuilt monitoring systems that provide data center managers with real time information on the performance of each rack. Effective monitoring also allows data center managers to predict trends and future growth.

Cost Savings – Installation of an open channel busbar system is competitive with more traditional processes, but over the lifetime of the product they provide a much greater cost effective solution. Busbar systems require much less maintenance once they are installed. Due to their modular nature, racks can be added, removed or relocated without having to shut the system down.

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