Vertiv Liebert MicroPOD Maintenance Bypass

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Liebert MicroPOD Maintenance BypassThe Vertiv Liebert MicroPOD maintenance bypass and power output distribution switch allows you to manually transfer the connected equipment to utility power via a maintenance bypass switch, permitting scheduled maintenance or UPS replacement without discontinuing power to the critical load. Transferring back to UPS power is just as easy — simply turn the switch to the indicated position and the load is protected by the UPS. Available in plug-and-play or hardwired options at 120V or 208V rating, units include brackets for rack mounting in any direction.

Vertiv Liebert MicroPOD Maintenance Bypass Benefits

  • Provides utility power to attached equipment when switched to maintenance bypass mode
  • Allows UPS maintenance or replacement of the UPS without discontinuing power to critical equipment
  • Installs with plug-and-play ease — the UPS and utility power are both connected to the MicroPOD with the supplied cords
  • Allows scheduled UPS maintenance to ensure continuous uptime without having to shut down protected equipment
  • Rotary switch with indicators make the unit simple to operate
  • Plug-and-play connectability for both input and output
  • Compatible with any brand of UPS system
  • Assures system uptime during maintenance activities
  • Extremely affordability
  • Operates with any brand of UPS, 3kVA or smaller
  • Two-year, no-hassle replacement warranty eliminates the cost of replacement during the warranty period.

For more in-depth specifications, see the MicroPOD data sheet.


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