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Server Technology -48VDC Rack & Cabinet Power Distribution Units

Intelligent -48VDC Power Distribution, Remote Management, Power and Environmental Monitoring

Server Tech -48VDCRugged, Reliable Rack Power Distribution for -48VDC Applications

The Sentry Switched -48VDC Rack Power Distribution Unit (CDU) minimizes the impact of locked-up routers, servers and other network devices for mission critical networks.  CLEC’s, ILEC’s, and ISP’s use Sentry -48VDC CDY’s to manage equipment in remote sites, co-location facilities and network operations centers.  Remote devices that are locked-up can be easily rebooted without the need to send a technician to the site.  Key applications include power distribution and remote management for a cabinet with -48VDC powered switches and high-amp network equipment.

The Sentry -48VDC Switched products provide power distribution and remote power management in a compact 19″ rack-mount enclosure.  other features include always-on technology for the highest level of fault tolerance, grouping of outlets to ensure that multiple supply deices come up at the same time across A and B power feeds, and linking for cost savings and doubling the number of outputs available on a single IP address.

The Sentry switched products for -48VDC feature fused power output protection.  Each low and high current output are individually protected by their own fuse.  A variety of current capacities are available.  Both the low current GMT and high current TPC fuses have a visual indicator when blown.

Key Features

Remote Power Management – Combines power distribution with network power management and monitoring
Dual DC Power Input Feeds (A & B-Feed) – Supports dual power supply routers and networking gear
Multiple DC Outlet Circuits – Protected by GMT or TPC fuses
Outlet Circuit Protection – Fast acting fuse with blown fuse visual indicator
Variable Amperage/Changeable Fuses – Match fuse values to the amp rating of each outlet circuit
IP Access – For remote Power On, Off & Reboot
Communications and Security – 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, HTTP/HTTPS, SSLv3/TLSv1, SNMPv2, SSHv2, Telnet, LDAPv3, TACACS+ & serial port access
Alerts – Provide automated SNMP-based alarms or email alerts for power and environmental conditions
Environmental Monitoring – Two optional Temperature & Humidity probes
Load & On Sense – Real time current draw reporting, in amps, for each outlet.  Power verification at each DC input/output
Expansion Units – Link a Master to an Expansion unit to control both via a single IP address

Popular Models Include

4805-XLS-16/Q – 2U, 9.6kW, 200A input – (2) 100A (+/-/G), -48VDC, Low Current: (16) 10A output
48DCWB-12-2X100-A1NB – 2U, 9.6kW, 200A input – (2) 100A (+/-/G), -48VDC, Low Current: (8) 10A output, High Current: (4) 70A output
48DCWB-04-2X100-DONB – 2U, 9.6kW, 200A input – (2) 100A (+/-/G), -48VDC, High Current: (4) 70A output
48DCWB-08-2X100-BONB – 2U, 9.6kW, 200A input – (2) 100A (+/-/G), -48VDC, High Current: (8) 25A output, black / Fused Outlets
4820-XLS-8/Q – 2U, 9.6kW, 200A input – (2) 100A (+/-/G), -48VDC, High Current: (8) 25A output, beige / Circuit Breakers
48DCWB-04-4X070-DONB – 2.5U, 13.4kW, 280A input – (4) 70A (+/-/G), -48VDC, High Current: (4) 70A output
48DCWB-10-2X300-E0 – 3U, 28.8kW, 600A input – (3) 300A (+/-/G), -48VDC, High Current: (10) 125A output

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