Vertiv Power Assist

Vertiv Power Assist Vertiv™ Power Assist is a free software used to gracefully shutdown an IT device when the UPS battery backup experiences a threatening condition. The software notifies users of an event, displays key metrics and logs historical data. It is easy to install and protects computers from damage and data loss during a power event.

Vertiv Power Assist Features

  • FREE
  • Quick to install, configure and upgrade.
  • Supports redundant dual UPS
  • Multiple server shutdown
  • Hyper-V environment shutdown
  • Scripted sequential shutdown
  • Scheduled shutdown
  • Maintenance mode / shutdown on hold temporarily
  • Device auto discovery via USB connection and SNMP protocol
  • Automated shutdown based on a number of conditions (e.g., remaining battery percentage or time)
  • Immediate alarm notifications via email
  • Displays on-screen alarms and related key data and status

Power Assist Information

Supported UPS models: Vertiv™ Liebert® PSI and PSI5, Vertiv™ EDGE UPS, Vertiv™ Liebert® PSA and PSA5 UPS, Vertiv™ Liebert® PST5 UPS, Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT3, GXT4 UPS and Vertiv™ GXT5 UPS.

Note: Not all legacy UPS models support all data points used by Vertiv™ Power Assist. However, users still may perform a shutdown based on available data points. Regarding battery capacity, for example, a legacy UPS user still has the option to shut down when the battery capacity is less than a certain percent, shut down when the battery is only available for a designated remainder of time, or shut down immediately.

Download Vertiv’s Power Assist HERE.

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