Square D Power System Services

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Square D Power System Services provides engineering expertise for electrical distribution systems. For more than 40 years, Square D, Schneider Electric Engineering Services has completed over 10,000 services on power systems, including assessments, studies, and design.  We can address all of your power system requirements to help ensure safe, reliable, efficient and continuous power.


Square D Power System Services Benefits

  • We have over 100 strategically-located professional engineers who are collectively registered in every state of the U.S. to meet state licensing requirements
  • Our professional engineers have in-depth knowledge of power distribution and control equipment with advanced expertise of calculation methods as well as industry codes and standards. Many of our engineers are leaders in IEEE, NFPA, and other power system standard-making organizations
  • With experience in varied industries such as; automotive, chemical, communications, data centers, food and beverage, healthcare, government, manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, utility and water treatment, you can count on us for consistent power system services, engineering studies and designs.
  • Our team has established standardized methodologies to complete studies, analyses, and assessments, along with uniform reporting standards nationwide
  • We provide full-scope power system engineering support and solutions which includes corrective action recommendations to mitigate future power system issues

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