Low and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

Our Switchgear Modernization Service uses high quality low and medium voltage circuit breakers to lengthen the life of your system.


Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers (Low Voltage)

Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers (Low Voltage) are your source for circuit breaker excellence. Providing the latest in circuit breaker technology, Masterpact NT/NW circuit breakers feature high ampere interrupting (AIR) and short-time current ratings, Modbus communication protocol and field-installable devices, including sensor plugs and accessories. In addition, Masterpact NT/NW circuit breakers meet the requirements of UL489, UL1066, ANSI, IEC 60947-2 and CE Mark standards. Under normal operating conditions, Masterpact circuit breakers do not require maintenance. Completely modular in design, all replaceable parts can be installed with hand tools and require no critical adjustments.

Masterpact NT/NW Circuit Breakers Features 
  • Draw-out circuit breakers with three racking positions and status indicator
    on cradle
  • Draw-out or fixed mount, 3- or 4-pole construction
  • Integral ground-fault protection for equipment
  • Protective relaying functions
  • Zone-selective interlocking (ZSI), which can reduce damage in the event
    of a detected fault

MicroLogic Trip Units
For “smarter breakers”, a complete line of Micrologic trip units are available for use with Masterpact circuit breakers. These trip units provide advanced functionality, such as a communications interface, power metering and monitoring capabilities, which allow for integration and coordination of your electrical system. Functions include load protection, power measurement, power monitoring and maintenance monitoring.

Magnum Circuit Breakers (Medium Voltage)

Magnum direct replacement circuit breakers are a family of products that upgrade existing medium voltage switchgear to current switching technologies. Built with new components and tested to ANSI standards, Magnum circuit breakers interface with the existing circuit breaker compartment components and maintain safety interlocks present in the original equipment design. To further simplify the modernization process, Magnum designs are available for any brand of medium voltage switchgear.

Magnum Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers Features
  • Available in 5 kV – 15 kV; upgraded MVA ratings available
  • Low maintenance vacuum and SF6 arc interruption technology
  • Meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE C37.59 standards
  • High dielectric strength, moisture resistant primary insulation
  • Nuclear certification available
  • No arc by-product ventilated into the compartment
  • Reduced power consumption of the control components
  • Optional capabilities
    • Increased arc fault current interruption capacity
    • Arc flash reduction
    • Relay upgrade, improved accuracy and repeatability and shorter interrupting time
    • Power monitoring and communication
    • Ground and test devices available
    • Remote racking solutions available

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