EcoCare for Single Phase UPS

EcoCare for Single Phase UPSEcoCare for Single Phase UPS, by Schneider Electric, is a service that manages your fleet of single phase UPS and is designed for the IT manager responsible for multiple UPS deployed throughout a single site or multiple sites.  With 24/7 monitoring, and on-site support when needed, including required parts, your team can focus on other challenges. The service includes tracking when batteries need to be replaced and when the UPS itself needs to be replaced. Schneider Electric EcoCare Fleet Management Services help customers budget and plan for the year-over-year operational expense to keep their sites protected.

EcoCare for Single Phase UPS Features

  • Help prevent costly downtime: 24/7 remote monitoring against system instability and unexpected failures
  • Remote monitoring, troubleshooting, and on-site, next-business-day remediation, including replacement parts
  • Eliminates the burden of managing dispersed physical infrastructure deployments without having to hire additional IT staff
  • Helps reduce mean time to repair with access to enhanced reports, providing the ability to plan for required maintenance, future upgrades, and expansions
  • Reduces your OpEx up to 40% by outsourcing the management of your critical infrastructure 
  • Provides proper disposal or recycling of old equipment to help support sustainability efforts 
  • Annual or multi-year service options can help you gain control of your budget and allow you to spread the cost of the service over the life of the product—replacement parts included

How it Works

It’s simple. Schneider Electric monitors the assets on your behalf while giving you visibility into your installations. They contact you when critical incidents arise via notifications from their Connected Services Hub. If a critical incident arises, they send their expert technicians for next business day, on-site support.

EcoCare Benefits

Lifecycle management: Not only will your infrastructure be maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, but you will receive quarterly status reports on your equipment and any upcoming service or replacement required.  This risk mitigation reporting allows you to better plan future expansions or upgrades and proactively replace batteries, while keeping you up-to-date on critical events.

Manufacturer direct service: Leaving your service needs to the Schneider Electric team guarantees that your systems are managed by factory-trained engineers, 7x24x365. Replacement equipment will automatically be sent in the event of a failure, decreasing your mean time to repair (MTTR) with no additional workload for you or your staff.

Streamlined management: EcoCare ensures your business is fully protected, and in the event of failure and has a fully documented process to ensure your system is up and running as quickly as possible.

For more information on Best Practices for Maintaining and Managing Single-Phase UPS Equipment, see our white paper.

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