APC Factory Service Plans for Power and Cooling Equipment

Power Solutions offers APC Factory Service Plans for Power and Cooling Equipment in flexible service packages that offer hassle-free system maintenance to improve uptime at a predictable cost. Our Factory Service Plans offer you the peace of mind in knowing that your system will receive the care it needs to operate most efficiently while minimizing downtime.

The Advantage Plus, Advantage Prime, Advantage Ultra, and Advantage Max Plans are full-service packages that include technical support, proactive maintenance, quick on-site response when needed, and remote monitoring.

APC Factory Service Plans for Power and Cooling Equipment: Advantage Plan Service Package Features

Highly Trained and Certified Field Engineers – Schneider Electric proudly offers an extensive global network of factory-certified Field Service Engineers (FSEs) with advanced systems knowledge and expertise. Everyone in our highly skilled field service network is trained directly by the people who know the products best – the product developers. Our FSEs are the best in the industry at quick and accurate troubleshooting and diagnosis of system issues. This proven know-how results in a briefer time to repair and minimal downtime.

Preventive Maintenance Visit – Our factory-certified Field Service Engineers will perform a full system check to verify that your system is operating at peak performance in all modes. The goal is to prevent problems before they occur. System cleaning and firmware upgrades are also included. Following your maintenance visit, the FSE will also prepare a Field Service Report with recommendations for optimizing your system.

Next Business Day Response Time – We know having your equipment down can cost you your reputation and can cost your company lots of money. Our service packages ensure a trained technician will be on-site by the next business day or sooner to help get you back up and running in the event of an emergency. Upgrades to even faster response times are available in many areas.

Service coverage for Accessories – The Advantage Ultra and The Advantage Max Service Plans also provide end-to-end coverage on critical IT infrastructure. This includes coverage for UPS accessories purchased with the UPS solution. If you experience a failure with your Rack Mount PDUs, Transfer switches, KVM switches, LCD monitors, or battery monitoring, a replacement component will be sent to you at no additional cost.

Remote Monitoring Service – Experienced remote monitoring professionals work non-stop to provide 24-hour monitoring of your physical infrastructure. As a second set of eyes, they can help you diagnose problems before they become critical.

Tech Support Helpline – Our technical support helpline provides you with quick access to help or troubleshooting advice when you need it. Our helpline is manned 24×7 by experienced engineers who provide fast diagnosis of problems and precise solutions and is backed by a dedicated Call Center to dispatch parts and Field Service Engineers when required.

Parts, Labor, and Travel – The Advantage Ultra and The Advantage Max Plans includes all parts, labor, and travel so you won’t have any unexpected charges for service. The Advantage Prime Plan includes labor and discounted parts while the Advantage Plus includes discounted parts.

Asset and Capacity Summary Report – The Advantage Max Plan includes a comprehensive asset and capacity summary report providing better visibility into the efficiency and overall health of your data center.  The Summary Report includes the asset management and capacity data you need to maximize performance ad proactively plan for future expansion and maintenance needs.

EnergySTEP 1 Data Center Assessment – The Advantage Max Plan includes an EnergySTEP 1 data center assessment.  EnergySTEP1 is an onsite assessment of your power and cooling infrastructure that analyzes energy usage and provides a plan to improve efficiency and reliability while controlling energy costs. The focus of this service is to uncover the most significant deficiencies in the power, cooling and physical infrastructure.

Service ProvidedDescriptionPlusPrimeUltra
Technical Support Access24/7 access to industry-leading expertise.XXX
Preventive MaintenanceRegularly scheduled maintenance and testing performed by qualified service personnel extends equipment reliability and identifies potential issues.XXX
Test Results With Engineer Review and RecommendationsDetailed reporting of maintenance and testing activities, including corrective recommendations.XXX
Guaranteed On-site Repair ResponseLabor and travel for on-site response for remedial repairs. 24/7 priority upgrades are available.XX
Spare PartsRecommended spare parts, including emergency spare parts, will be stored on-site.X
Repair PartsReplacements parts used during repair visits, which further improves budget stability.X

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