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StruxureOn Monitoring Service

apc-struxureonStruxureOn Monitoring Service is data-driven digital monitoring service for your critical equipment, increasing resiliency and transparency through live sensor data, predictive analytics and smart alarming delivered directly to your Smartphone. Remote diagnostics are provided by the experts monitoring your connected assets 24×7. StruxureOn by Schneider Electric is included free of charge with any active Advantage Ultra or Prime plan or can be purchased separately.

StruxureOn is a digital monitoring service that proactively minimizes downtime and reduces break-fix resolution time through smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and visibility into your device lifecycle. A mobile app allows instant access to live sensor data, and chat with your own team or the experts at Schneider Electric 24×7, providing peace of mind and fast issue resolution. Machine data forms the basis of long-term operational insights and analytics, aimed at reducing equipment maintenance costs, and delivered through a secure connection.

StruxureOn Monitoring Service Offers

  • Instant access to live data
  • Mobile alarm notification
  • Live asset sensor data
  • Incident tracking
  • Fast alarm resolution
  • Collaboration through chat with your own team and Schneider Electric experts
  • Set thresholds to determine critical alarms knowing that somebody’s always watching your data center and will only notify you on critical incidents
  • A cyber-secure connection provides improved security for your infrastructure devices
  • Collaborate on incidents with Schneider Electric experts at the Service Bureau for a quick resolution of your problem
  • Incidents are automatically created and tracked, providing easy access to real-time incident status, chat and history

StruxureOn Monitoring Service – How Does it Work?

StruxureOn Gateway or Data Center Expert v7.4.x is used to gather and send the data of multiple devices on your network. The information is sent using HTTPS TLS 1.2 encrypted outbound connections on port 443. HTTPS posts are sent whenever an event occurs or every 10 minutes to confirm the Service is still active, and once for the registration and activation of the service. All connections from the gateway to our cloud are validated using an industry standard 2048 bit RSA certificate and data is encrypted in transit using 128 bit AES encryption.

Instructions on downloading StruxureOn.

For more information on StruxureOn Monitoring Service, call 1-800-876-9373 or Email