ABB GE Critical Power UPS Systems

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ABB GE Critical Power UPS Systems

ABB recently acquired GE Critical Power and together, they offer a variety of UPS Systems to provide power protection for critical infrastructures and ensure high availability with a low total cost of ownership. Mission-critical processes need a power system that is cleaner and more reliable than what a typical utility can provide. ABB UPS provide power availability of up to 99.9999%, the equivalent of just seconds of downtime per year, by providing immediate backup power and power switching solutions, while reducing disturbances to the system.

When external power is compromised the result can be lost data, downtime, risk to hardware and financial losses. This makes a highly dependable UPS mission-critical. ABB and GE Critical Power lead the UPS industry in innovation and technology and provides power protection in production manufacturing, critical IT and communication applications.

ABB GE Critical Power Uninterruptible Power Supply applications range from computer rooms to large data centers and complete industrial plant protection. With models from a few kW to a few MW, ABB GE Critical Power products ensure that your important applications are supported by the very best power protection system.


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