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ABB GE Critical Power TLE Series – Three Phase UPS 225kW – 1500kW

Innovative Technology & Best-in-class Efficiency

ABB GE Critical Power TLE Series

The ABB GE Critical Power TLE Series, Three Phase UPS 225kW – 1500kW, offers innovative technology and best-in-class efficiency. The TLE Series brings the latest power conversion technology to the marketplace, using a three-level inverter design and a multi-mode architecture that makes real-time decisions between premium protection mode and premium efficiency mode.

GE Critical PowerNote: GE Critical Power is now part of ABB

ABB GE Critical Power TLE Series Features

  • Highly reliable and efficient tri-level conversion
  • Automatic or manual multi-mode operation
  • Up to 97% efficiency in Premium Protection Mode (double conversion)
  • Up to 99% efficient in Premium Energy Save Mode (eBoost)
  • Unity (1.0) Output Power Factor
  • High (0.99) Input Power Factor
  • Less than 5% Input Current Harmonic Distortion
  • Small footprint
  • Front access only design for maintenance
  • Multi-Module “cable saver” design to allow +/- 25% differential of cable lengths between UPs modules and I/O parallel buses

ABB TLE Series Popular Models Include

  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 225kW
  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 400kW
  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 750kW
  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 1000kW
  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 1250kW
  • TLE UPS – 480/277 VAC – 1500kW
  • TLE UPS With Flywheel – 50-1000 kVA

ABB TLE Series UPS 225-1500kW Specifications 


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