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Active Power UPSActive Power Flywheel UPS are battery-free uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems that use the kinetic energy of a flywheel to provide backup power. Active Power flywheel technology products are designed and manufactured in Austin TX. Active Power Inc. is an established provider of efficient, reliable and green critical power solutions that ensure business continuity in the event of power disturbances.

CLEANSOURCE flywheel technology, by Active Power, is elegant, efficient and economical and allows for the creation of innovative uninterruptible power supplies that solve power problems for data center, health care, industrial and manufacturing customers around the world. The concept behind flywheels is quite simple: Objects in motion continue in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Flywheels can store enough power, without a battery, to run equipment until a generator takes the load. The system costs less, is easy to maintain, and is environmentally friendly.

Active Power flywheel UPS systems boast easy maintenance.  Unlike battery-based UPS models, which sometimes require monthly or quarterly inspections to ensure reliability, Active Power CLEANSOURCE UPS systems require simple, non-invasive annual maintenance.

For more information, see the Active Power’s flywheel technology page. Active Power also manufactures the POWERHOUSE, an all-in-one UPS enclosure for rugged environments that uses flywheel technology.


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