The Smart-UPS VT has been discontinued and will be EOSL 12/31/2030. For replacement email [email protected].

The APC Smart-UPS VT, 10 to 40kVA (30kVA in 208V), offers compact three-phase power protection with excellent efficiency and scalable runtime for small data centers and other business critical applications.

Over 10 million installed 

APC Smart-UPS VT offers centralized three-phase power protection with the reliability of the award winning Smart-UPS family.  Ideal for small data centers, large retail stores, regional offices, and dense power requirements, the Smart-UPS VT includes dual-mains input, automatic and maintenance bypasses, and scalable runtime for increased availability.  The rack mounted version maximizes valuable floor space by incorporating UPS, power distribution, and additional battery capacity in a single rack.  Low cost of ownership is achieved through best-in-class efficiency and a reduction in rating of electrical infrastructure – wires, transformers, and generators through the Smart-UPS VT’s Soft Start feature. The APC Network Management Card with temperature monitoring provides remote monitoring and management through a simple Web/SNMP interface and provides integration with InfraStruXure® Manager. 

Serviceability is greatly enhanced by user-replaceable batteries, manageable extended run frames and included start-up and standard onsite warranty services.  All these features make the Smart-UPS VT the easiest UPS in its class to deploy, manage and maintain.

APC Smart-UPS VT Popular Models Include:

ModelForm FactorPowerRun time Half/Full (min)Included Battery ModulesAvailable Empty Battery Slots
SUVTP10KF1B2STower10 kVA/8 kW, 208V18/5.511
SUVTP10KF3B4STower10kVA/8kW, 208V61/3131
SUVTP10KF2B4STower10kVA/8kW, 208V45/1822
SUVTP10KF4B4STower10kVA/8kW, 208V106/4640
SUVTP10KF2B2STower10kVA/8kW, 208V45/1820
SUVTP10KF1B4STower10kVA/8kW, 208V18/613
SUVTP15KF2B4STower15kVA/12kW, 208V28/1022
SUVTP15KF4B4STower15kVA/12kW, 208V65/2740
SUVTP15KF3B4STower15kVA/12kW, 208V45/1831
SUVTP15KF2B2STower15kVA/12kW, 208V28/1020
SUVTRT20KF4B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V45/1841
SUVTR20KG5B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 480V18/650
SUVTRT20KF3B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V, XFMR31/1232
SUVTP20KF3B4STower20kVA/16kW, 208V31/1231
SUVTP20KF2B4STower20kVA/16kW, 208V18/622
SUVTR20KF4B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V46/1841
SUVTR20KGB5SRack20kVA/16kW, 480V18/623
SUVTRT20KF5B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V, XFMR60/2550
SUVTRT20KF2B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V, XFMR18/623
SUVTR20KG4B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 480V46/1841
SUVTP20KF4B4STower20kVA/16kW, 208V46/1840
SUVTR20KF2B5SRack20kVA, 16kW, 208V18/623
SUVTR20KF5B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V61/2550
SUVTR20KG3B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 480V in 208V out31/1232
SUVTR20KF3B5SRack20kVA/16kW, 208V31/1232
SUVTR30KG4B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 480V in, 208V out27/1041
SUVTR30KG5B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 480V in, 208V out36/1450
SUVTRT30KF3B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V, XFMR18/632
SUVTR30KG3B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 480V in, 208V out18/632
SUVTRT30KF4B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V, XFMR27/1041
SUVTP30KF4B4STower30kVA/24kW, 208V27/1040
SUVTRT30KF5B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V, XFMR37/1450
SUVTR30KF4B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V27/1041
SUVTR30KG4B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 480V in, 208V out27/1041
SUVTR30KF3B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V18/632
SUVTR30KF5B5SRack30kVA/24kW, 208V37/1450
SUVTP30KF3B4STower30kVA/24kW, 208V18/631

For more information about the APC Smart UPS Series,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].