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CS20A EBP CyberPowerCyberPower FTTx Telecom Solutions keep communications equipment, such as Internet and other cable-reliant services, up and running during outages. Whether for a single small residence/facility or for a multiple service operation, CyberPower provides reliable, cost-effective FTTx Telecom solutions for fiber to the premise (FTTP) and fiber to the home (FTTH) needs: Indoor CyberShield™ FTTx Systems, Outdoor CyberShield™ FTTx Systems, and Telemetry Cables.

Engineered for durability and top-quality performance, our CyberShield™ FTTx Systems supply power for network interface devices, cable telephony, wireless base stations, wireless local loop, and optical network terminals (ONT). Our Telemetry Cables (FTTx/Telecom Cables) provide connectivity between CyberShield™ DC power supplies and ONT.


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