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Eaton 93E UPS (20-60kVA)The Eaton 93E UPS gives IT managers an easy way to manage the power in their data center, without having to worry about cost, space or downtime. Developed specifically for IT managers, the 93E confronts typical data center problems head on. It addresses ROI, energy costs, remote management, and efficiency, giving you more time to focus on other important data center issues. The Eaton 93E UPS, tower form factor, delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the 93E delivers up to 98% efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint. With internal batteries up to 60 kVA, the 93E provides an all-in-one solution that also reduces the complexity of installation and startup and provides maximum runtime.

Ideal applications include;

  • Small-to-medium data centers
  • Servers, networks, lighting
  • Telecom switches and servers
  • Medical imagery equipment
  • Banking infrastructure
  • Mission critical fabrication equipment

Eaton 93E UPS Features

  • Lower operating costs through 98% efficiency
  • Up to 21 minutes of runtime with internal batteries
  • Up to 138 minutes of runtime when paired with an Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC)
  • Up to 35% smaller footprint than similar competitive solutions
  • One year parts and labor included with Eaton startup plan protection to the load
  • Intelligent Power Manager Software monitors and manages multiple power devices across your network
  • Single cabinet solution reduces installation, wiring, and maintenance costs
  • Detachable maintenance bypass options guarantee zero downtime
  • Allows you to scale up as you grow

93E UPS Specifications

Power Rating:20-60 kVA
Voltage:208/220 Vac three phase
Frequency:50/60 Hz

93E UPS Available Models

Part NumberPower Rating (VA/Watts)Input PlugOutput Receptacles
93E (20 & 40 KVA) Models with Standard Runtime
9EF02GG0300100320000/16000 HardwiredHardwired
93E (20-30 KVA) Models for Extended Runtime
93E (40-60 KVA) Models for External Runtime

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