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The Eaton FERRUPS FX has gone End-Of-Life. The suggested replacement is the Eaton 9PX.

The Eaton FERRUPS FX industrial UPS is a completely updated and revitalized edition built upon the decades of proven performance of the legacy Eaton FERRUPS line. The FERRUPS FX offers a reliable and customizable design with a remote-control display screen featuring a LED bar.

This UPS provides rugged, IIoT-ready protection for your industrial power infrastructure, with extended runtime applications it can be deployed in harsh power environments where traditional UPS systems are susceptible to power surge events.

The FERRUPS FX is ideal for oil and gas, military deployments, 911 centers, machinery automation industrial automation, harsh electrical environments, manufacturing facilities, water/wastewater and healthcare.

Eaton FERRUPS FX Features

  • TAA Compliant
  • User-replaceable outlet panel allows you to update yourself as your applications change, technician not required
  • Remote-control display with a LED status bar allow for quick and easy status updates to ensure your systems are protected and running without interruption.
  • Remote monitoring service and network connectivity card options provide cybersecurity protection and keep you connected with your UPS status updates.
  • Option to custom-build the Ferrups FX to meet your industrial needs
  • LED status bar provides quick and clear visual diagnostics in all environments
  • NEMA 1 and NEMA 12 enclosure options
  • Industrial Gateway and Gigabit Network Cards provide cybersecurity protection and power quality connectivity
  • Remote monitoring with PredictPulse keeps you connected with status updates, allowing you to predict power component failure with cloud-based analytics

FERRUPS FX Specifications

 1.1 kVA3.1 kVA5.3 kVA7 kVA12 kVA18 kVA
CTO part numberComing soonFX310000AAA1Coming soonComing soonComing soonComing soon
Input/Output voltage120/120120/120120/120, 208, 240120/120, 208, 240120/120, 208, 240120/120, 208, 240
Input connectionHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwired
Output connectionHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwiredHardwired


Power rating500 VA to 18 kVA1.1 kVA to 18 kVASimplified 6 highly configurable models vs 16 models
Efficiency at full load83%83%Maintains same reliable efficiency with new and upgraded features on the Ferrups FX
Form factorRackmount and towerTower 
ABM technologyNoYesABM ensures you are getting the longest service life out of your batteries
Communications portSerial portBPM, REPO, ROORemote on/off (ROO) allows for remote shut down of the UPS and automatic restart when the remote contact is reset. The ROO can be programmed as a signal input through the front LCD.
Remote control display with a tri-color LED status barNoYesLED status bar provides quick and clear visual diagnostics in all environments
Available network card slots12Options for using multiple cards
CybersecureNoYesCompatible with latest Eaton cybersecure network card: Gigabit Network Card UL 2900-1
NEMA 12NoYesAllows unit to operate in a more industrial setting
User-replaceable receptacle panelsNoYesSave time with the user-replaceable outlet panel. No electrician required

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