FirstLine P 924

FirstLine P 924The FirstLine P 924, three phase, on-line double conversion, UL924 Central Lighting Inverter, 58.5-225 kW, by Staco Power Products, is an Emergency Lighting solution tailored to your requirements for a reliable, cost-effective alternative for Emergency Lighting applications. The P 924 helps ensure the safety of your most important asset, your people. It offers an easy-to-manage double conversion power electronics and battery system and rugged all steel construction.

In the event of an AC power failure, the PL 924 automatically supports the connected lighting loads on battery power and will continue  to provide power without any interruption for a full 90 minutes.  When the utility power returns to normal, it will automatically recharge the batteries to be ready for the next power disturbance. In addition to meeting life safety requirements, the FirstLine P 924 can also increase the life expectancy of the protected lighting system and reduce long-term cost of ownership.

FirstLine P 924 Features

  • Up to 98% Efficient
  • Lower energy costs and carbon footprint
  • Requires either front, top or bottom access, so it can be placed against a wall to minimize footprint
  • Cooler operation extends internal component life
  • High input power factor of 0.99
  • Low input current distortion of  <= 3%
  • Power walk-in function that ensures progressive rectifier start-up
  • Simplifies installation where there is limited power capacity in the form of available electrical supply rating or generator size
  • Dual input – main power and secondary emergency standby power increase resilience of single or parallel system configuration
  • High Performance Filter that protects upstream power supply sources from harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads power
  • Menu Select Display is user friendly, easy to see and intuitive to use
  • Full Two Year Warranty

FirstLine P 924 Specifications

kW Rating: 58kVA, 72kVA, 90kVA, 112kVA, 144kVA, 180kVA, 210kVA, 225kVA
Seismic models available.
External Maintenance Bypass models available.
OUST models available.

For more in-depth specifications about the P 924, see the data sheet.
For more in-depth specifications about the P 924 OUST models, see the data sheet.


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