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EON Model EL3 Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverters UL 924

EON Model EL3 Three Phase Emergency Lighting Inverters UL 924EON Model EL3, 10kW to 55kW, three phase Emergency Lighting Inverters UL924, by Controlled Power, are centralized emergency lighting inverters that offer the best reliability and performance for your egress lighting system. The EON, with expanded output ratings up through 55kW, features one of the smallest three phase cabinet footprints in the industry. Whether fed from the AC power source, or even while in battery mode, the EON has a peak overload capability of 1700% to accommodate inrush current from LED fixtures.

Meeting stringent design and performance specifications, the self-diagnostic, self-testing EON is UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment” and “Auxiliary Lighting and Power Equipment,” as well as NFPA compliant as “Life Safety Equipment.” The EON meets NFPA 101, NFPA 111, NEC, and IBC requirements, and provides the industry’s most advanced life safety system testing available.

Now Seismic-Rated up to 33kW, the EON has been shake-table tested and meets seismic standards which satisfy applicable portions of the California Building Code (CBC 2016) and the International Building Code (IBC 2015). The verification testing required is recognized and accepted throughout the U.S. and many other countries.

EON Model EL3 Features

  • Full compliance with NFPA 101, section – computer-based, self-testing/self-diagnostic emergency lighting system with data-logging
  • Standard Intellistat TS™ monitor – provides quick full-access to all inverter features, allows all programming to be done directly from touchscreen display, and provides system diagnostics and testing
  • Reliability, plus compatibility – provides reliable, regulated voltage during normal and emergency power modes; compatible with all lighting fixture types, including LED
  • Small overall footprint – inverter and battery “front access” cabinets are thoughtfully designed to be physically smaller than comparable three phase emergency lighting products
  • Easy installation and low cost-of-ownership – 10kW to 33kW models require only (1) battery cabinet for 90 minutes runtime, and 40kW to 55kW models require only (2) battery cabinets
  • To facilitate installation and maintenance, only batteries with front access terminals are used
  • Automatic static bypass on overload or fault
  • Integral internal bypass includes a make-before-break switch with a secure push-to-turn function – provides an uninterrupted bypass of the inverter system
  • Wrap-around maintenance bypass options that include a padlock attachment for lockout/tagout purposes during maintenance
  • Optional normally off bus – provides standby power to “normally off” emergency lights when utility power is lost or is inadequate
  • Optional front-access, side-mounted output distribution cabinet with circuit breaker options
  • Optional NetMinder™ communications – provides remote monitoring of inverter status, test results, alarms, and electrical measurements via BACnet, Ethernet, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485

EON Model EL3 Specifications

  • Input and Output Nominal Voltage: 208/120V, 480/277V, or 600/347V Wye
  • Input Operating Voltage Range: +10%, -15% at full load
  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz, ± 2.5% (50 Hz models available)
  • Input Power Factor Correction: > .98 pF, typical at full load
  • Output Voltage Regulation: ± 3% from nominal, typical
  • Output Frequency: ± 0.5% while in battery operation mode
  • Output Voltage Distortion: Typically 3% output THD with linear load
  • Overload: Up to 110% for 2 minutes, 125% for 30 seconds, 150% for 10 seconds, and 400% for 4 cycles (without use of static bypass)
  • LED Inrush Rating: Peak overload capability of 1700% to accommodate inrush current from LED fixtures (without the use of static bypass)
  • Efficiency: 90% typical
  • Operating Temperature: 20º to 35º C for UL 924 Listed models and C-UL Listed models to CSA C22.2 No. 141-15. UL testing performed at 40º C under full load and at low line input voltage
  • Operating Temperature: 20º (10° optional) to 40º C for C-UL Listed models to CSA C22.2 No. 141-10
  • Optimum Battery Performance and Life: 25º C for both UL and C-UL Listed models
  • Battery Time: UL 924 Listed 90 minutes at full-rated kW output, or with optional runtimes from 15 minutes to 4 hours. C-UL Listed 30 minute runtime to CSA C22.2 No. 141-10; 141-15

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

Three Phase Sizes: 10kW, 13kW, 14kW, 15kW, 16kW, 17kW, 20kW, 22kW, 24kW, 26kW, 28kW, 30kW, 32kW, 33kW, 40kW, 45kW, 50kW, and 55kW. (Optional 52kW rating is available with 30-minute runtime only, C-UL listed.)

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