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Falcon Electric, Inc has been an innovator of on-line UPS technology and power conversion systems for over 25 years. For many years, Falcon manufactured UPS models on a private label basis for some of the world’s most renowned UPS companies and have been a manufacturer of high reliability military-grade power conversion equipment for over 15 years. Falcon UPS’s offer the same level of product excellence to all of our customers. Falcon has built a reputation for dedication to our products’ reliability and customers’ satisfaction.

We evaluate, test and refine all our new UPS models for over a year prior to their release. Our level of engineering support offered directly to our customers is unique and invaluable to assure a properly configured power solution is provided and implemented. We take the guesswork out of solving your specific power problems and provide the right solution the first time, unlike many companies that focus on selling UPS products as mass commodities.

In a throw-away UPS world, Falcon UPS products are truly green. Our products have been designed to have an expected service life of over 12 years, making them an exceptional value. Many of Falcon’s customers are corporations that maintain large numbers of UPS units. Through the years they realized the true cost of owning a Falcon UPS was far less than other lower cost products on the market.


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