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GE SG Series – Three Phase UPS 225kVA – 750kVA

Ultra-High Efficiency UPS with eBoost™ Technology

SG Series 50hzThe GE SG Series UPS is one of the most efficient and reliable Three Phase UPS Systems, providing best-in-class output performance and critical power protection for your data center needs. The SG Series UPS solutions are designed and optimized to provide high-efficiency at part load conditions.  The SG Series UPS assures low input current harmonic distortion and best-in-class output voltage regulation and dynamic response.  This helps customers save operational costs while implementing environmentally-friendly solutions.

GE provides RPA, a unique technology that can parallel UPS modules with true redundancy by eliminating any single point of failure.  RPS provides a scalable paralleling technique that reduces operating footprint and increases system reliability be eliminating the need for external paralleling equipment and cabinets.

GE SG Series Benefits:

  • Up to 99% operating efficiency with written efficiency guarantees
  • eBoost operation minimizes efficiency losses, providing annual power & cooling savings up to $300k for a 5MW data center
  • eBoost line conditioning & voltage regulation via Bypass Inducer patented design
  • First Three Phase UPS Supplier to receive EPA Energy Star certification

Being Energy Star certified, the SG Series meets the strict EPA criteria by contributing to significant energy savings worldwide and still performing at the highest levels possible. This certification is a guarantee that your utility bills will lower, giving you a great return on your investment.

GE SG Series Features:

  • Top or bottom cable access
  • Matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinet for easy configuration
  • Front Maintainability Design reduces mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Seismic certifications
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) provides reliability, redundancy and scalability
  • Parallel up to 6 UPS modules
  • Long history of experience with Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) which increases system reliability by eliminating single points of failure

GE SG Series Popular Models Include: (All run at 480/277V)

  • 225 kVA/203kW
  • 300kVA/270kW
  • 400kVA/360kW
  • 500kVA/450kW
  • 750 (6P) kVA/675kW
  • 750 (12P) kVA/675kW

SG Series 225-300 kVA Specifications

SG Series 400kVA Specifications

SG Series 500kVA Specifications

SG Series 750kVA Specifications

SG Series with Flywheel 50-1000 kVA

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