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Liebert NX On-Line UPS 10 – 30kVA

UPS for Small and Medium Business

Liebert-NX-OnLine-UPS-1030kVALiebert NX: 10kVA, 15kVA, 20kVA, 30kVA – Flexible, Reliable and Economical

The Liebert NX family of UPS systems combines numerous technology advances and innovations to create a power system that combines high performance, compact size, reliability and cost-efficiency.  Liebert NX models are available with characteristics to fit the flexibility and availability needs of different sites.


  • Parallel units that are the same or different capacities for greater flexibility in managing power growth
  • Generator compatible
  • Power communications available through Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card LB and Liebert MultiLink shutdown software
  • Large and user-friendly LCD display provides operating information in twelve languages
  • Internal automatic bypass transfers load to bypass in the unlikely event that a fault occurs in the UPS.  Optional wrap-around maintenance bypass allows the UPS to be powered down or taken out of service without disconnecting power to the load
  • Front accessibility allows easy servicing of critical components, self-diagnostics and various monitoring options
  • Optional Bypass Distribution Cabinets

Higher Availability:

  • Wider input voltage window and frequency tolerances help to minimize transfer to battery, reducing the number of charging and discharging cycles
  • High overload rating capable of clearing a 20A branch circuit breaker
  • True on-line double conversion technology protects and conditions against a full range of power irregularities, requiring fewer transfers to battery
  • Advanced inverter control technology provides the highest output power quality to maximize efficiency and operating life of connected equipment
  • Load Bus Synchronization provides the capability to synchronize the outputs of two independent UPS modules when they are configured as a redundant system feeding independent distribution paths.
  • An intelligent battery management algorithm monitors the battery to detect any premature battery failure

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:

  • Soft-switching technology optimizes operation with the same high efficiency at 40% utilization as at 100% utilization
  • Adaptive input voltage window results in fewer hits on the battery
  • The unit’s compact footprint requires less floor space, leaving you with more room for other equipment
  • temperature-compensated battery charging extends battery life
  • Softscale technology allows you to purchase the capacity you need now and economically upgrade in the future without the expense of additional cabinets or floorspace

Liebert NX 10kVA – 30kVA is best suited for:

  • Small to mid-size data centers
  • Server rooms
  • Production
  • Labs and Testing
  • Telecommunications
  • Process Control
  • Point-Of-Sale
  • Other sensitive electronics

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