Eaton AutoVAR Filters

Eaton AutoVAR Filters are an automatically switched, free standing Power Factor Correction capable device designed for low voltage applications in installations requiring precise maintenance of target power factor in a very small footprint for operation (by incorporating de-tuning reactors) in electrical harmonic environments.

Eaton AutoVAR Filters Features

  • Programmable to automatically add/subtract filter banks to maintain preset target power factor
  • Filter steps tuned for maximum efficiency in reducing harmonic currents in three-phase environments with heavy non-linear loads
  • Efficient modular design for short lead times, ease of maintenance and ease of future expansion
  • Heavy-duty, three-phase capacitor construction with reliable, threaded terminal connections
  • Cool operating, 100% copper wound, thermal protected reactors are sized up to 150% of rated capacitor current
  • UL and CSA listed
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