Eaton AutoVAR 300

The Eaton AutoVAR 300 is an automatically switched, wall-mounted Power Factor Correction capable device designed for low voltage applications in installations requiring precise maintenance of target power factor in a very small footprint. Unit includes cleared fuse indicator lights and manual on/off switching easily accessible on the front cover. Built-in controller (with optional communication capabilities) controls banks of contactor-connected capacitors. AutoVAR 300 is an ideal capacitor bank to automatically regulate power factor where floor space is limited and expansion of the facility’s electrical load is not expected.

Eaton AutoVAR 300 Features

  • Wall-mount design is ideal for minimum space requirements
  • Programmable to automatically add/subtract capacitor banks to maintain preset target power factor
  • Heavy-duty, three-phase capacitor construction
  • Automatically switched power factor correction systems for low-voltage applications
  • Two-year warranty of cells against manufacturing defects
  • Entire cabinet assembly is ULT 508A and CSAT C22.2 No. 190 Listed
  • Capacitors are UL 810 recognized
For more information abut Eaton’s line of Power Factor Correction products,
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