Eaton Transient-Free Static Switching

The Eaton Transient-Free Statically Switching capacitor systems represent the “next level” of power system enhancements by using semi-conductor devices to switch capacitors at the same potential or zero potential difference, thereby eliminating the possible problem of transients caused by capacitor switching and increasing the speed of capacitive VAR compensation. This level of performance is needed when high-current loads rapidly switch on and off and require power factor, voltage flicker, sag or harmonic correction. These disturbances can be found in many industries, including rock crushing, arc-welding, plastic injection molding and crane applications.

Transient-free statically switched capacitor units are available in two broader models. The FTE model is a real-time transient-free system, used to compensate extremely rapid loads within one cycle of operation (typically 5–20 msec). The FTA model is a fast transient-free system, used to compensate any loads within 3–4 seconds. Units are available in a variety of tuning orders/ percentage reactor combinations. Applications include, flicker reduction, motor starting, bus voltage stabilization, and grid fault ride-through.

Eaton Transient-Free Static Switching Features

  • Transient-free capacitor group switching, using electronic switching elements
  • Simultaneous connection/disconnection of all required steps
  • Consistent capacitor values and stable filter characteristics
  • Harmonic filtration
  • Three independent control modes:
    • Power factor control
    • Voltage control
    • Load sharing with another compensation system connected to the same transformer
  • Unique SCAN feature reduces capacitor duty cycles
  • Remote control of compensation systems available via LAN or Ethernet
  • Integrated three-phase network analyzer:
    • Measures all power parameters on each phase (V, I, kW, kvar, kVA)
    • Measures voltage and current harmonics to the 63rd harmonic

FTE unit includes all of the above, plus:

  • Reduces voltage flicker and voltage sag
  • Provides network reactive power support
  • Offers voltage control options
  • Base product is three-phase balanced delta connected
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