Eaton Unipak Filter

The Eaton Unipak Filters are capacitor-based products designed to be used when fixed, static capacitance is needed within parts of your electrical system. They can be purchased with or without the detuning reactors (tuning to the 4.2nd or other tuning points upon request) which protect the capacitor cells in harmonically rich environments. With optional replaceable fusing, indicator lighting to visually indicate cleared fusing, and/or air filters for use in dusty environments.

Eaton Unipak Filter Features

  • De-tuning reactors to protect capacitors in harmonic-rich environments
  • Five-year warranty on capacitor cells
  • Designed for heavy-duty applications
  • Twenty-year life design
  • Indoor/outdoor service
  • Wall (up to 180 kvar) and floor-mounted units available
  • Internally fused through the use of an overpressure disconnector
  • Quick lead-times
  • Slim profile allows reduced footprint, conserving valuable floor space
  • New capacitor configuration leads to cooler operating conditions and extended capacitor life
  • UL and CSA listed
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