Eaton Unipump

The Eaton Unipump is a non-fused capacitor based product designed to be used at the motor locations of outdoor irrigation, oil field installations, or other weather restricted areas requiring power factor correction at the motor load. With its unique capabilities the Unipump is especially designed to be energized and de-energized in union with the motor load its designed to treat.

Eaton Unipump Features

  • Designed expressly for outdoor pumping applications
  • Pole or wall mounting
  • Small, lightweight enclosure for easy installation
  • SO-WA type flexible cable facilitates installation (4-conductor)
  • Gland-type weatherproof bushings
  • Strong outer case
  • UL and CSA listed
  • Full five year warranty on capacitor cells

Eaton Unipump Specifications

  • Configuration – Outer case: Heavy, No. 14 gauge steel NEMA 3R enclosure finished with durable baked powder coat finish. Integral strap mounting bracket with keyhole at top for pole or wall installation; no knockouts
  • Unipump operating temperature: –40 °F to +115 °F (–40 °C to +46 °C)
  • Unipump storage temperature: –40 °F to +131 °F (–40 °C to +55 °C)
  • Pressure-sensitive interrupter: Built-in UL recognized three-phase pressure-sensitive interrupter, and thermally or mechanically activated disconnecting link removes capacitor from the supply before dangerous pressure buildup or excessive fault current occurs. Bulged capacitor cell top provides easy visual indication of interrupter operation
For more information about the Eaton Unipump,
call 800-876-9373 or email [email protected].