Eaton Power-Suppress 100

Eaton Power-Suppress 100 ultra-isolator noise suppressors protect sensitive equipment from electrical noise disturbances. Using exclusive double shielding techniques, the Power-Suppress 100 blocks all forms of electrical noise, including radio frequency interface (RFI)/ electromagnetic interference (EMI), over a broad range of frequencies. Furthermore, the noise suppression is achieved without impeding normal power flow. Power-Suppress 100 ultra-isolator noise suppressors can reduce a 6000-volt spike to an insignificant 0.0030 volt. These high-voltage transients contain enough energy to completely destroy the electrical circuit components that are vital to daily operation. Applications for the Power-Suppress 100 include audio and video equipment, computer and process equipment, telecommunications systems, and virtually any sensitive electronic instruments.

Eaton Power-Suppress 100 Features

  • Traps unwanted harmonics
  • Removes surge voltages and minimizes reflected THD
  • Cleans and conditions the sine wave
  • Eliminates load-generated feedback
  • Available in both hardwired or line cord/receptacle models
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Long-life operation
  • Small footprint—saves valuable space
  • Meets FCC Category A
  • ULT 1012, cULT, UL 1449
  • Two-year warranty complete unit, five-year warranty core and coil

Eaton Power-Suppress 100 Specifications

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