UST SureVolt Power Conditioner and Voltage Regulator

SureVolt-Face-On-400-v2The UST SureVolt electronic voltage regulator/power conditioner provides the broadest range of protection available to guard against voltage fluctuations that can wreak havoc with your electrical load (equipment).

The SureVolt™ combines the best qualities of typical mechanical and electronic voltage regulators while eliminating their weaknesses. Mechanical voltage regulators are valued for their high overload capacity and good voltage regulation, but these qualities are offset by their slow correction speed and the need for regular maintenance of moving parts. Similarly, electronic voltage regulators are known for their fast correction speed, but suffer from poor overload capacity.

The SureVolt provides high overload capacity for loads with large inrush-current requirements. At the same time, it provides consistent voltage regulation and fast correction without regular maintenance or moving parts.

UST SureVolt Features

  • Fast voltage regulation corrects under/over voltage, sags, and swells
  • High fault-clearing capacity permits reliable operation of other protective devices
  • Built-in surge suppression for surges and spikes
  • Line isolation minimizes transients
  • Transformer shielding reduces line noise to deliver clean power
  • Independent phase regulation to correct voltage imbalance
  • Input circuit breaker protects against damaging over-current and short circuits
  • Automatic fail-safe electronic bypass keeps the load powered

Also available, the SureVolt MD automatic voltage regulator is custom-configured to protect hospitals, pharmaceutical production facilities and other power-critical healthcare infrastructure. SureVolt MD corrects both transient and longer-term power problems to deliver voltage within 2% of nominal regardless of the state of the local grid.

Features of the SureVolt MD

  • Overload protection, ideal for managing high in-rush applications common with medical scanning equipment
  • Cool, quiet and extremely low maintenance – natural convection cooling, no fans, simple design
  • High-speed correction rendering power fluctuations “invisible” to sensitive medical and production equipment
  • Failsafe bypass providing superior unit protection while maintaining power to the load
  • Easy to install without interruption in services or production

For more product details, click here to download the SureVolt™ Specification Guide.

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