VRX Series Outdoor Precision AVR

VRX Series Outdoor Precision AVRThe TSI Power VRX Series Outdoor Precision AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulators) are available in both single and three phase. TSI Power’s line of AC power conditioners protect mission-critical equipment from unstable AC mains voltage, surges, spikes, swells, sags and momentary power outages. 

The single phase VRX units, 230 V 50/60 Hz, are sized from 1.8 to 18.4 kVA.  With an ambient operating temperature range of -40° to 50°C, over- and under-voltage cut off is available as an option. The control PCB assembly is connected for easy replacement. Wall mounting is standard but pad or pole mounting is available as an option.

The three-phase VRX units, 6 to 50 kVA, are 120/208 V outdoor automatic voltage regulators that provides the same superior voltage regulation as the VRP in a NEMA-3R/IP44 weather-proof package.  Capable of withstanding climactic extremes from -40° to +131°F (-40° to +50°C), the VRX is uniquely suited to provide regulated precision power to mission critical outdoor loads.  Each phase is independently regulated, and the PCBs are fully connected for ease of service.

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