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UPS Remote Monitoring

The APC Remote Monitoring Services by Schneider Electric can be implemented as a primary or secondary level of support to predict, track and remedy site problems in a timely and efficient manner. This service will interpret events and activate the proper response mechanism with user defined notification rules, including email or a phone call. The user-friendly web portal gives customers easy access to up-to-date operational data, inventory status and dynamically generated reports. With Schneider Electric Remote Monitoring Service, customers can have peace of mind knowing their physical infrastructure is being monitored by trained experts, 24 hours a day.

APC Remote Monitoring Services Features

  • 24×7 Expert Monitoring – Alleviates the strain on internal support resources and allows the device experts to provide 24-hour monitoring of the physical infrastructure
  • Secured Monitoring – Monitoring is achieved via firewall-friendly, outgoing communications. Access to the customer network is not required
  • Proactive Service Response – Physical infrastructure threats can be anticipated, identified and resolved quickly and accurately
  • Alarm Notification – Customers are notified in real time via phone or email as critical events occur, allowing them to reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR), improve efficiency and maximize uptime
  • Web Portal – Offers a central repository of system information with dashboard view that provides an overview of system status
  • Multi-Device Support – Manage an extensive range of Schneider Electric devices including: single-phase and three-phase UPSs, Power distribution units, cooling and environmental devices as well as other InfraStruXure Manager appliances. Additionally, third party devices can be monitored via dry contacts
  • Trending Analysis – Enables the customer to easily view changes in their physical infrastructure, thereby optimizing availability within the data center

If you have an Advantage Plan with Schneider Electric, you are already entitled to one node of remote monitoring.

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