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Network Management CardsNetwork Management Cards offer remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS by connecting it directly to the network, and are an important part of your network security. Any UPS connected to the network with a communications card can be a potential point of entry for hackers. Power Solutions can help you find the right Network Card for your system and security needs.

Network Management Cards Benefits

  • Allow for secure monitoring and control of UPS via web browser, command line interface, or SNMP
  • The correct network card, with correct settings implemented, strengthens your cyber security defense
  • Data logging – Identify problematic trends before they escalate or export the data log for analysis
  • Event logging – Pinpoint the timing and sequence of events leading up to an incident with the event log
  • Scheduling – Customize shut down and reboot of connected equipment and UPS
  • Enterprise management system compatible – Make device information available to your preferred enterprise management system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) across SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
  • Fault notification – Real-time event notification minimizes response times, reduces mean time to repair, improves efficiency, and maximizes uptime
  • Remote device management – Enable management of your UPS by connecting it directly to the network
  • Password Security – User-selectable password protection prevents unauthorized access, authorized against LDAP and Active Directory servers
  • Browser Accessible – View the user interface with a browser. Provides quick access from anywhere on a secure network
  • Flash upgradeable firmware – Install maintenance releases of firmware remotely using FTP

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