Vertiv Liebert GXT5LI-6000MVRT3UXLN

The Vertiv Liebert GXT5LI-6000MVRT3UXLN Vertiv Liebert GXT5LI-6000MVRT3UXLNis an online, double conversion, lithium ion UPS solution which offers premium power outage protection and continuous power conditioning in a compact and flexible rack/tower design. This single-phase UPS series provides superior protection and remote management capability, making it ideally suited to protect critical infrastructure in both centralized and edge network applications. Additionally, the GXT5 UPS offers a scalable battery runtime solution through matching external battery cabinets. The GXT5 series offers unparalleled efficiency of up to 98% in active ECO Mode and up to 95% in on-line mode.

Vertiv Liebert GXT5LI-6000MVRT3UXLN Features

  • Lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the UPS with an expected useful life up to 3 times that of VRLA batteries 
  • Lithium-Ion battery technology delivers more runtime and faster recharge time, and offers better performance at higher temperatures and supports up to 10 times more discharge cycles compared to standard VRLA batteries
  • High output power factor, up to unity, provides the highest available power (watt) for use by connected IT equipment, allowing for more connected devices
  • Energy Star 2.0 certification with efficiency in online (95%) and Active ECO (98%) modes
  • SNMP network communications with optional RDU101 NIC and free Trellis™ Power Insight
  • Scalable power with auto-detection of external battery cabinets
  • Three-year comprehensive factory warranty for UPS and battery with next-day advanced exchange to support maximum availability
  • Automatic internal bypass
  • External battery cabinets with auto-detection

GXT5LI-6000MVRT3UXLN Specifications

Runtime Full/half: 10 min/21 min
Main Input Voltage: 120V
Main Output Voltage: 208VAC
Power: 6kW/6kVA
Number of rack units: 3U
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Network management card: Included
Dimensions: 5.2 in x 16.9 in x 35.0 in 
Net Weight: 100 lbs.
Mounting Mode: Rack/Tower
USB compatible: Yes                            

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