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Vycon VDC FlywheelThe VYCON VDC Flywheel is an energy storage system that holds kinetic energy in the form of a rotating mass and converts this energy to electric power. Using patented technology that includes a high-speed motor generator, active magnetic bearings, and a superior control system, the VYCON VDC Flywheel can charge and discharge at high rates for countless cycles. This energy can be used to backup power systems for a battery-free option.

For longer runtime requirements, The VYCON VDC and VDC-XE Flywheels can operate in parallel with batteries. In this configuration, the VDC is the first line of defense against power anomalies, saving the batteries for prolonged power outages. By providing the necessary energy first during power glitches, the VDC system significantly increases battery life by absorbing over 98% of the discharges that would have normally caused the batteries to be cycled.

For applications in industrial markets where voltage dips, sags and glitches can shut down sensitive process control equipment leading to lost productivity and wasted materials, the VYCON VDC Flywheel is the perfect solution. 98% of all voltage sags and outages are less than 10 seconds in duration, all of which can be solved by the energy stored in the Flywheel. Because the VDC Flywheel can operate in harsh environments and occupies very little space, it is the ideal solution for industrial applications.

VYCON flywheel technology can be found in Eaton, ABB/GE and Schneider Electric UPS systems. The following models can be modified for VYCON flywheel technology.
Eaton 9395 and Eaton 93PM
ABB/GE model 
Schneider Electric Galaxy VM and Galaxy VX

VYCON VDC Flywheel Specifications

Power Ratings 
Max PowerVDC XXE: 300kW
Max Energy StorageVDC XXE: 6000kW sec
VDC XXT: 6250kW sec
Input Voltage (Vdc)400 – 600
Recharge Rate15-50 Amps: Adjustable per application
Voltage Discharge (Vdc)400 – 520 Adjustable per application
Voltage Regulation+/- 1%
DC RippleLess than 2%
Operating Temperature14ºF to 104ºF (-10ºC to 40ºC)
Humidity90% non-condensing
Altitude5,000 ft. (1524m) max without de-rating
Dimensions & Weight 
Height73.7 in. (1872mm)
Width30.0 in. (762mm)
Depth30.0 in. (762mm)
Weight1,675 lbs. (760 kg) – 1810 lbs. (821 kg)

For more in-depth specifications, see the VYCON VDC Flywheel brochure.


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