Alpha ACS-WM-125 Charging System

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Alpha ACS-WM-125 Charging SystemThe Alpha ACS-WM-125, modular switched mode industrial charger is a high-performance system designed to charge all types of stationary batteries (flooded lead acid, VRLA, and NiCd) for industrial, utility, petrochemical and fire and utility applications.

Available in standard and XL cabinet configurations, the ACS-HP series by Alpha, an EnerSys company, includes advanced features
such as a full graphic LCD touchscreen and browser accessible GUI for advanced control and convenience and event logging.

Alpha ACS-WM-125  Features

  • Complete communication, system monitoring and control package
  • Reduced operating costs: unity power factor with efficiency >93%
  • Wide input range: 187 to 312VAC single-phase or 208 to 480VAC three-phase
  • High power density with a small overall footprint
  • Expandable to 175A output capacity; power options to 800A available

ACS-WM-125 Environmental Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 208 to 250VAC (single-phase), 208 to 480VAC (three-phase)
Power: 4,400W continuous/module
Operating Voltage: 187 to 312VAC
Phase: Single or three
Frequency: 45 to 70Hz
Power Factor: 0˃.99 (50 to 100% load)
Temperature: -40 to 122°F
Dimensions (in.): 43H x 24W x 27.5D

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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