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Emergency Lighting InvertersEmergency Lighting Inverters are designed to keep Egress Lighting illuminated so that building occupants can safely exit during a power failure. UL 924 rated inverters must supply 90 minutes or more of backup power for emergency lighting.

Emergency Lighting UL 924 is Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety of Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment. UL tests and certifies exit signs, emergency lights, and combo emergency exit signs to meet functionality, reliability, and visibility standards. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a world-renowned independent product safety certification organization. UL testing facilities are inspected and regulated by OSHA. This standard was developed to ensure the safety of building occupants as they leave a building in which the power has gone out due to fire, storm or other event.

Power Solutions offers a broad range of emergency lighting inverters and other equipment that can help your facility stay in compliance with UL 924. These reliable and tested products ensure that emergency lighting for safe egress will be ready when there is a loss of power to the building. We work with respected manufacturers who design products that ensure back-up power is available when your facility needs it. And our vendor neutral approach means that we can provide the best solution for you company.

It’s worth noting that NFPA 70 Emergency Battery Systems Maintenance requires backup batteries to be maintained and that facilities must consider the effect of temperature and environmental factors on battery life. Power Solutions offers comprehensive battery preventive maintenance services to ensure the reliability of UL 924 emergency lighting back-up power. 

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