Tripp Lite Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Power Distribution | Tripp Lite Power Distribution Units (PDU)

Tripp Lite Power Distribution UnitsTripp Lite Power Distribution UnitsTripp Lite Power Distribution Units offer intelligent power distribution for rack cabinets. Growing demand for computing power and expensive square footage, have led to densely packed rack enclosures. As the number of rack-mounted servers, blade servers, network switches and routers has increased, so has the need for power in the rack. For example, a blade server installation consisting of four 7U blade server frames in a 42U rack would require sixteen 20A power supplies. PDUs solve this problem by taking the power supplied to the rack and distributing it via multiple outlets to the rack’s servers and networking equipment.

PDUs come in a variety of styles that provide everything from basic power distribution to enhanced power management and maintenance options.

  • Basic – Basic Power Distribution offers reliable rackmount power distribution for data centers, server rooms, and network wiring closets.
  • Metered – Locally monitor load level and avoid potential overloads with a built-in digital current meter.
  • Monitored – Remote Power Monitoring remotely monitors voltage, frequency, and load levels in real-time via a built-in network connection.
  • Switched – Remote Power Management securely controls individual outlets at remote locations and reboots unresponsive equipment to minimize downtime and eliminate costly service calls.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch – Provides redundant power for single-corded network devices with PDUs with Automatic Transfer Switching (ATS).
  • Hot-Swappable – Offer zero downtime during maintenance and the ability to repair or replace UPS modules without taking your network offline.

Tripp Lite PDU Options

  • Single phase for smaller commercial buildings or 3-Phase for larger commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Horizontal or vertical mount, and mounting inside or outside the rack enclosure options
  • Sensor port for environmental and security monitoring- Some PDUs include a port for use with Tripp Lite’s ENVIROSENSE sensor option. ENVIROSENSE monitors temperature, humidity and contact-closure inputs.
  • Dual circuit capability- Dual Circuit PDUs provide two completely separate power circuits for servers with redundant power supplies.

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