EnclosuresThe range of Enclosures for computing applications has continued to expand to meet the demand for computing power that can be placed in just about any type of environment. As facilities run out of dedicated IT space and add remote locations, manufacturers have designed enclosures to protect your valuable equipment no matter where it is.  

With indoor or outdoor enclosures and customizable options such as different sizes, wall mount, clear fronts, sensors and color options, we can provide the enclosure options that you require. 

We also offer pre-configured enclosures and micro data center solutions that combine the UPS and the enclosure within one package. 

Types of Enclosures

  • For IT and Data Centers – These enclosures are a critical component of any network closet, data center, or IT space. As trends in IT continue to evolve, the major manufacturers have expanded their product lines to include a huge selection of specialty cabinets making today’s offering more compatible with a variety of applications and rack densities all while keeping an eye on user-friendly design. These include rack or wall mount options.
  • Indoor Telco and Battery Racks – truly hold all of your equipment together. Energized Battery racks for battery systems and Telco applications are available in 24V or 48V configurations. The variety of open racks for different voltages and battery sizes offer flexibility, stability and ease of maintenance.
  • Industrial and Outdoor Enclosures – this category is designed to meet any environmental challenge and provide the power your application demands regardless of location. Our enclosures and rack lines are designed and built to withstand temperature extremes, vibration, remote or hard to access areas, moisture, salt air, insects, animals, and vandalism. Customizable options can enhance security and add sensors. 

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