Alpha ACS-WM 48VDC

The Alpha ACS-WM 48VDC wall-mount switched-mode charger is designed to charge all types of stationary batteries (flooded lead-acid, VRLA and NiCad) for utility, petrochemical and industrial applications.

The compact 11RU enclosure accommodates up to four hot swappable, fan-cooled Cordex® 1.2kW rectifier modules. The ACS-WM 48VDC charger, by Alpha, an EnerSys company, offers high power density and provides the most power available while using the least amount of wall space. The ACS-WM  requires only a single step process for programing using a touchscreen interface on the controller. Supported communication protocols include TCP/IP, Modbus, Ethernet, SNMP and optional DNP3.

Alpha ACS-WM 48VDC Features

  • Modular switched-mode charger technology
  • Accommodates up to four hot-swappable Cordex® 1.2kW power rectifier modules for N+1 redundancy capability
  • Unity power factor with >93.9% efficiency
  • Expandable to 100A output capacity
  • Advanced communication capabilities
  • Excellent DC output regulation
  • High power density with a small compact enclosure
  • High resolution touch screen color LCD display for control and monitoring

Alpha ACS-WM 48VDC Specifications

Nominal Voltage176 to 276VAC
Operating Voltage90 to 300VAC
2.4kW Rectifier Shelf AC Input2x40A, 1x20A, Single Phase, 208 to 277VAC
Operating Temp32 to 104°F
Frequency45 to 70Hz
Nominal Current7.4A / 14.8A / 22.2A / 29.6A
Power1.2kW / 2.4kW / 3.6kW / 4.8kW
Power Factor>0.99 (50 to 100% load)
Efficiency>93.9% (50 to 100% load)
Voltage42 to 58VDC
Current25A / 50A / 75A / 100A
Operating TempForced cooling: −40 to 122°F
Dimensions (in.)Enclosure: 21.4H × 20W × 20.25DRectifier Module: 1.63H × 3.3W × 10.1D
WeightEnclosure 95 lbs, Rectifier 3.9 lbs

For more in-depth specifications, see the data sheet.

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